About me

Site Reliability Engineer at Google in London, UK. Former Computational Scientist at ECMWF in Reading, UK. PhD from Imperial College. Public speaker. Feminist. Pythonista. Cyclist. Open source / open data enthusiast. Hobbyist photographer. PyData London co-founder.

I am a software engineer with a specialisation in large system design, distributed systems, reliability and performance. I have several years of experience designing and developing scientific software with a focus on solving differential equations and finite-element methods scaling from workstations to high-performance computing (HPC) environments. I have also designed embedded domain-specific languages (eDSLs) in Python to describe scientific problems at a high level and with high expressivity. Furthermore I have some hobbyist experience in full stack web application development.

Currently I work as a Site Reliability Engineer for Google in London, UK. My work has a particular focus on Service Level Objectives (SLOs), reliability and performance for user facing services in Google Cloud.

Previously I worked as a computational scientist at ECMWF, designing and developing scientific HPC software for processing large amounts of metereological forecast data.

Previously I was a PhD researcher in the Software Performance Optimisation Group at Imperial College London, delivering generic and efficient computational solvers for partial-differential equations through automated code synthesis from a high-level problem description down to a highly optimised parallel implementation specifically tailored to the target hardware. Read more about this on my research page or look at my publications.